"Every moment of our lives has precisely prepared us for this next moment."

Knowing and activating this truth deeply is Ginger’s superpower. Through a childhood characterized by chronic pulmonary and neurological illness to an adulthood brimming with the challenges and successes of the entire spectrum of the human experience, Ginger developed the muscle, mindset, and toolkit to transform challenge into possibility, division into bridges, and tragedy into thriving!

For the last three decades, Dr. Ginger Carlson has worked with individuals and organizations around the world. Ginger has written and presented widely on the topics of creativity, growth, and transformation, and how to uniquely and positively nurture each of them in our personal lives and organizations. At her core, she is a thinker, an educator, and a learner, but most of all, a Life Alchemist™, someone who dares to awaken to life’s inevitable changes and challenges and takes deliberate action to transform their experience into a new reality.

And here’s the deal: The muscle and mindset to truly thrive does not require a lifetime of anything in particular. Truly anybody can create the conditions in their life to thrive in this divided world.

Join Ginger Carlson on this journey of transformation, and bring your (back) soul to life!

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My Journey

All our lives are made up of thousands upon thousands of 5-second moments. These moments stitch together into the fabric of who we are, what we value, and how we live. Here are a few of the moments that have most impacted who I am in the world.


I was born in a small farm town in the Western United States. Yes, I am “Daddy’s little girl.”

Early life

My childhood years were characterized by chronic illness. Rather than let fear and uncertainty grip me, I leaned to strengths in other areas of my life. I learned to take risks and go beyond my physical and metaphorical bubble.

Somewhere around 1978

Obsession with games of all kinds. This skill in ways of thinking would later become very important to my growth and future.

Grew up as the middle child

It really is a “thing.” My siblings are everything to me and, even at its most challenging, I couldn't be more grateful for the journey we have traveled together, and who we will be for each other in the road ahead.


My first real experience with death, loss, and grief. A loss that is seared onto my heart.


Diagnosed with neurological disorder. All those gaps in consciousness started to make sense.

Young adulthood

Tragedy changes us. A series of unexpected losses and heavy events helped me learn to deal with both internal and external struggles and strengthened my muscles for embracing and transforming challenges.


Graduated college at age 20, and began teaching in a school in South Central Los Angeles. Profound learning and experiences that forever changed how I see the world.


Married and moved to a small town in the highland rainforests of what is now West Papua. Adventure time!


First Round the World Trip. I end up in the Dalai Lama’s personal physician’s office and begin different treatment for epilepsy. I learned that not everybody believes in miracles.


Got a cool job offer. Moved to India. Because moving across the world again is what people do when they are pregnant with their first child, right?

November 17, 2000 World Peace Day

My first child is born and my heart is forever changed.


The universe set me up for success. I healed. I learned. I accomplished. I contributed. Still, through various experiences, it became clear… No matter who you are or what your circumstance, no human is immune to change and challenge. No one gets out of this (game of life) alive, yet we each have within us the ability to create conditions for thriving and live a soul-infused life.


I began writing professionally and became a serious practitioner of yoga. My body continued to heal. Hard things still happen, even when life is beautiful. The lessons are in how we handle each unique moment.

Early 2008

My first book Child of Wonder is published and wins awards.

Late 2008

My second child is born. Heart magnifies again.


Moved to Kazakhstan. Hello Former Soviet Union. I begin to understand what polarities really are, and how to manage them.


Let’s Get Social book (co-authored) is published.


Moved to Greece. Hello plane crash landing on the way there. And hello Greek Economic Crisis. Talk about holding two existing ideas at once. I guess this is what is meant when we say “skillful means.”


My third book is published. I guess that summer in cooking school (and lots of practice since) paid off!


Following years of many types of programs and certifications, I earned my Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership. I became an expert in Flow Theory and have so much to share about bringing your creativity to life, while being amazingly productive and JOYful in the process!

And lots of other stuff

and travels and hard things and fun and awesome things and cool successes and learnings in between. So much to tell… I will never be short on stories for the grandchildren, that is for sure. And I can’t wait to share some of the lessons with you!

Later in 2018

My real training began. I reached a crossroads in my life. I realized that the ability to think flexibly, to be aware and act on that awareness, is an absolute superpower of mine.


“Every moment of our lives has precisely prepared us for this next moment.” Right now is your next moment. You have everything you need for it. How will you seize it and transform your possibilities?

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