Dear (Insert your name right here, you deserve a love letter that promises to soothe your soul!))

Even though things might feel like they are in the dark right now, hold on friend, they are about to come into the light.

As you may or may not know, music of all genres is crazily important to my life/growth (more on the origin of that another time), and I find incredible joy in making playlists for people when they are going through a particular piece of the human experience.  I completely believe that music can be medicine for the soul. And oh how I emotionally dig into lyrics.

One song I just added to a playlist I’m building for a special request has a line in it that goes…

“Love is just a tool to remind us who we are, and that we are not alone, and we’re walking in the dark.”

There are more ands than expected in that sentence.

A lot of us feel like we are walking in the dark right now, maybe grasping at really slippery wonder, without much luck. Like everyday life feels a bit like a blindfolded walk through the haunted house, where every move we make feels like we are putting our hand in a new bowl of something scary and unknown. I know my mind goes straight to “oh, please just be spaghetti.”

But it often isn’t. It’s the real gutty stuff these days, that makes us realize that life is often neither easy nor pretty. And that is where the opportunity is, to listen to our intuition about a challenge or opportunity, to know ourselves more intimately, to take a baby step forward, or in another direction, and to alter reality.  To maybe see where the beauty or the lesson is.

I got a question this week that I felt compelled to immediately answer.  “Why Life Alchemy?”  So I quickly added an audio file answer here, if you are also interested. It is raw riffing about the subject, so please be kind as I stumbled through the answer 🙂

I also added a poem to the end of that answer, a little spontaneously, because it just seemed right, so here is that poem for you today… The Soul Always Knows. I hope that you enjoy it, but even if you don’t, I would love to hear how it lands with you. What it brings up for you, what it might ask you to ponder. Let me know by leaving a comment, if you feel called to do so. Or send it on to a friend you think might have something to say about it.

the soul always knows poem by Ginger Carlson
The soul always knows when the mind has taken on work not meant for it….The dance will continue to generate stories… The way…


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