Get ready to quench your thirst for life with the original Get Thirsty podcast series! Join us on an adventure into the art and science of what can replenish, realign, and prepare you for the next great step on your journey.

Our host, Dr. Ginger Carlson, is a Life Alchemist who has transformed her experience into a new reality. She’s here to inspire you to create, do, and be more – and thrive undivided.

This season is a six-part series designed to help you meet your one and only indispensable partner: your soul. It’s time to make that next great decision and take that next great step towards your dreams.

Our format is short, actionable, and inspiring. In just 5-7 minutes, you’ll get a dose of science, research, and art that will light a fire under you to take action.

We’ll explore the latest research in flow theory and share original poetry with you that illustrates each lesson. This unique combination of science and art will help you discover new ways of looking at old challenges and touch the center of yourself.

We’ll teach you how to identify yourself at a crossroad, what to do when you recognize yourself there, and how to hold two opposing ideas at once. We’ll guide you towards finding your flow and inspire you to take risks and courageously craft something new.

So come on, let’s get thirsty for life! Join us on this soul-sipping adventure and thrive undivided.