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Productivity in Your Palm

The Art & Science of the Graspable Habits that Ignite Flow (so you can get more done and feel more alive!)


Learn with Ginger

Next Masterclass: April 9-11, 2022. Three days of an exclusive, aesthetic experience: merging the
cognitive and emotional with action!

"Life Alchemy: Transforming Your Life Changes and Challenges into Aliveness"

In this live real-time, virtual master course, participants will:

Gain access to
  • The “Anywhere IS” framework for thriving in a divided world
  • 6 Learning Modules, filled with video and audio guidance
  • A Field Guidebook for your journey
Be guided through a Critical Consciousness Process, including:
  • Digging deep into the understandings, practices, behaviors, and language that support you living congruently in a world full of incongruencies;
  • Making critical connections;
  • Taking action; and,
  • Special surprise, where it all comes together!
But wait, there’s more


Offer for private coaching sessions, where you will solve what is meaningful for you Extra exclusive content:
  • Human mysticism
  • Portal to the Unknown
  • Re-joying
  • Lead Like the Tango
Special invitation to an additional exclusive Experience, where you will learn new skills in what it means to think flexibly and see new possibilities for your life. Reserve your spot

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