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certified coach and transformational thought leader

Dr. Ginger Carlson has over twenty-five years experience working with individuals and organizations around the world. She provides thoughtful and personalized consulting for anyone looking to thrive in a divided world. Ginger has written and presented widely on the topics of creativity, and positively nurturing growth and transformation, and how to uniquely nurture each of them in our personal lives, homes, schools, and organizations.


Ginger helps people and organizations...

embrace challenges...

think flexibly...

get unstuck...

& be their most alive!

Your Journey Towards Aliveness BeginsToday.

“Ginger Carlson skillfully demonstrates that the things we need to inspire creative thinking are within ourselves and our homes. Her love of wonder is infectious and her prescription for nurturing children
is both creative and practical.”

—Josh Golin, Associate Director,
Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

"Ginger is a clear-sighted, realistic visionary.”

- Melissa Hart

Ginger Carlson offers
a multi-faceted, thought-provoking approach to nurturing natural
instincts. It will help us raise caring, curious, and creative kids; ready for whatever challenges their lives might
offer them.”


—Arun Toké, Editor Skipping Stones Magazine


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