Get thirsty for the things above your head a small sip of surrender is worth saying yes to


I was born in a small farm town in the Western United States.

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Early life

My childhood years were characterized by chronic illness. Rather than let fear and uncertainty grip me, I leaned to strengths in other areas of my life. I learned to take risks and go beyond my physical and metaphorical bubble.

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Young adulthood

Tragedy changes us. A series of unexpected losses and heavy events helped me learn to deal with both internal and external struggles and strengthened my muscles for embracing and transforming challenges.

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I moved outside of the US for the first time, and built a tremendous career and family life around the world.

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The 2000's

The universe set me up for success. I healed. I learned. I accomplished. I contributed. Still, through various experiences, it became clear… No matter who you are or what your circumstance, no human is immune to change and challenge. No one gets out of this (game of life) alive, yet we each have within us the ability to create conditions for thriving and live a soul-infused life.

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My real training began. I reached a crossroads in my life. I realized that the ability to think flexibly, to be aware and act on that awareness, is an absolute superpower of mine.

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“Every moment of our lives has precisely prepared us for this next moment.” Right now is your next moment. You have everything you need for it. How will you seize it and transform your possibilities?

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